Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas presents gamers with a significant, open world and a plethora of vehicles, weapons and game missions. The game is so large that traveling from one end of the game world to the other can be an exceptionally long mission. Luckily, the video game lets players to control planes and helicopters, making transport easier. The game needs users to obtain a pilot license before flying, that can be earned in the game's airline flight school.


Completing the Plane Missions

1. Complete the Mike Toreno mission "Verdant Meadows. very well You will need $80, 000 to acquire the Verdant Meadows Aircraft Graveyard.

2. Enter the flight school behind the Verdant Meadows protected house. Go into the red circle to enter the flight school missions.

3. Select the "Takeoff" mission. Accelerate the plane with the "X" button until the tail comes off the earth. Very slowly on the thumbstick to raise issues the plane into the air, and click on the R3 button to raise typically the landing gear. Use the thumbstick for you to fly the plane through the a pair of coronas to complete the vision.

4. Select the "Land Plane" part. Click on the R3 press icon to reduce the landing gear, as well as maneuver the plane through the reino with the thumbstick. Press the actual Square button to decrease your own speed, and slowly decrease the plane. As you approach typically the red circle, gently take the plane to the ground along with taxi along the runway in the circle to complete the vision. If you hit the ground too difficult and bounce into the air flow, use the L2 or R2 buttons to straighten the plane out.

5. Select the "Circle Airstrip" part of mission. Take off from path way and fly to the 1st corona. Maneuver the aroplane with each successive reino around the airstrip. Do not overturn; use finesse when manipulating the plane, and move the actual thumbstick gently to make transforms. Fly through the last reino to complete the mission.

a few. Select the "Circle Airstrip in addition to Land" part of the mission. Fly off from runway, and fly by each and every one of successive corona. Because you fly through the last reino, lower your landing gear and lower your speed. Straighten the plane away so that it faces directly good landing strip, and gradually lower your altitude. Gently use the plane to the ground, as well as fly into the red group to complete the mission.















Finishing the Helicopter Missions

7. Opt for the "Helicopter Takeoff" mission. Keep the "X" button to quicken the helicopter upward. Turn the heli completely around with often the L2 or R2 button, and push often the thumbstick upward to move frontward. Fly through the corona to carry out the mission.

8. Pick the "Land Helicopter" part of the game. Ride the thumbstick onwards, and also hold the "X" button to be able to fly forward. Push the particular thumbstick far enough forwards that the helicopter also descends as it moves forward. When you approach the red round, pull the thumbstick to decrease your speed. Hover over the circle, and press the "L3" button to level the helicopter. Lower your altitude with the "Square" button, and territory in the circle to complete typically the mission.

9. Select the "Destroy Targets" game part. Fly the plane onward, use your own guns with the trucks with the "L1" along with "Circle" buttons respectively. Ruin the trucks, and switch the helicopter around. Fly in the direction of the moving cars, along with destroy them with the guns and missiles. Go into the redly circle on airstrip, and place the helicopter there, to complete the game.

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